avid Bossert (December 2011)

David Bossert comes from a storied past to which he credits his well rounded approach to becoming a successful new business owner. A Bachelor’s of Science degree from Colorado State University in Pueblo, Colorado gave him a generalized outlet that offered access to several job possibilities as well as a start to building his resume. "I’ve not only worked in the food industry, but also T.V., radio, federal government and retail management," says David, "from large corporations to small business." This colorful background has certainly given him the tools needed for paving a path to success with his new bakery venture. "Through these jobs I’ve acquired most of the qualities I feel are needed to run your own business…hard work, assertiveness and fortitude, to name a few."

Although David explored many different career paths he didn’t feel as if he had one solid direction. David attended Cook Street School of Culinary Arts’ Professional program in December of 2011 and took his hobby for baking to the next level. "Studying, learning and exploring under the Pastry Chef at Cook Street inspired me to discover my love of Pastry Chefing."

After David’s Cook Street education he went back to working in radio for about a year before joining fellow Cook Street classmate, Gayor Geller (December 2001), at Maddie’s Neighborhood Restaurant located on south Downing street in Denver, Colorado. David took the reigns as Pastry Chef for the new breakfast restaurant and developed a creative pastry menu. You would be sure to see David’s legendary cake pops for sale and his decadent sticky rolls in the hands of adoring guests.

After spending a year at Maddie’s, David decided to venture into his own operation. What seemed like perfect timing lead David back to his hometown and to the doors of the Ryus Avenue Bakery & Cafe in La Veta, Colorado. Under operation for over 22 years, the bakery had just recently been put onto the market. David jumped at the opportunity and made an offer to purchase the bakery. He had the unique opportunity to do what he loves, while assuming the fantastic reputation, client base and recipes of the renowned local bakery.

"It’s what I loaf," says David, and he is certainly putting love into every loaf! Gorgeous pastries, breads and the like sit in beautiful display cases. Come in and sit in his quaint café and enjoy a cup of Colorado craft coffee with one of his freshly baked croissants. It isn’t hard to argue that although David is a jack-of-all-trades, he has certainly dialed into his passion for baked goods. He has successfully taken the reigns of a neighborhood bakery and continues to provide the community with freshly baked treats, and a second home.

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