Chef Instructors

John Parks Chef Instructor - Cook Street School of Culinary Arts in DenverJohn Parks, Chef Instructor

Before returning to his culinary school to teach, Chef John had a storied career as a personal chef. Today, he brings his creativity, passion and fathomless knowledge to a Chef Instructor role in Cook Street’s professional program. A true minimalist, Chef John can do just about anything with a simple chef’s knife.

Cindy McKnight, Pastry Chef Instructor

After getting her children off to college, Cindy followed her culinary passion to Cook Street's professional program, graduating in 2004. Cindy worked as a personal chef and a caterer before returning to Cook Street as a Recreational Instructor in 2006. After taking a three-year break to try her hand as a Pastry Chef at Vi in Highlands Ranch, Cindy returns to us once again to pursue her love of cooking and teaching.

 Marisa Fontana, European Tour Coordinator

Marisa worked in a restaurant kitchen for a year and in a corporate kitchen for two years before enrolling in the Cook Street 180° Culinary Arts Program in October 2005. Combining her culinary background, her training at Cook Street, a college degree in French, and extensive European travel, she is the ideal European Tour Coordinator. Having experienced the tour both as a student and a guide, Marisa is able to ensure that every student will get the most out of their travels to France and Italy. A true natural, Marisa enjoys bringing natural ingredients to every dish. 



Mike Delany, Director of Admissions

Mike has seven years of professional admissions experience from the University of Kansas, for which he set up and managed satellite offices in Dallas and Chicago. An avid traveller, he’s set foot on five continents and brings his appreciation for culture and global food to Cook Street. Mike ensures every prospective student feels at home the moment they walk through the door - and leaves feeling confident they've taken the right step.   

Tara Haney, Operations Manager / Alumni Services


Katrina Matthews, Event and Recreational Class Coordinator

As a former Front of the House staff member, Katrina knows the workings of the Cook Street Recreational and Event programs from all sides. Her eye for detail and creativity ensure that our customers get the best experience possible. As a professional photographer, Katrina expresses her talent with food photography, which she sometimes shares through our social media channels.