What makes Cook Street's Culinary Arts Programs unique?
Other schools talk about cooking.  We cook.

Cook Street has all of the tools needed to make your dream of pursuing the Culinary Arts a reality. We offer unique and rigorous, technique-based approaches to the robust traditions of Italy and France, that will teach you the fundamentals of food and wine needed to excel in your culinary future.
Our knowledgeable administrative team will guide you through our enrollment process and explain the many financial aid options available, including Post 9/11 GI bill funding for Veterans.
With student-placement services and networking, your relationship with Cook Street doesn’t end with graduation. Your Cook Street education will open the door to endless culinary possibilities. Explore all of our resources to help you make the right choice and fit for your life.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 The Accelerated Culinary Arts Programs
  • The 12-Week Program
  • The Advanced 18-Week Program
Touch, taste, cook, eat and critique. At Cook Street, you’ll eat what you cook and talk about what you cook — every day. During the Culinary Arts Programs, you’ll enjoy 80% of your time cooking versus less than 25% in traditional programs.  You’ll do it in an environment that’s committed to classic culinary traditions while utilizing modern techniques and fusion interpretations. All Cook Street students receive pastry and wine instruction to ensure their ability to prepare unforgettable meals from start to finish. Your all-inclusive culinary education focuses on quality and comprehensive learning to inspire you for a lifetime.

The Culinary Arts Programs’ curriculum focuses primarily on the regional cuisine and wines of France and Italy. Special attention will be paid to other world cuisines, both in regional and fusion concepts.  The primary method of instruction is hands-on and highly interactive. Students are taught and expected to gain a fundamental understanding of the following areas of study during the culinary arts programs at Cook Street:
Herbs & Spices
Round fish, flat fish & shell fish
Foie Gras
Variety Meats

High Altitude Baking
Cakes & Butter cream
Tart Components
Sugar Cookery
Petit Fours & Cookies
Dessert Sauces
Laminated Dough
Pate a Choux
Custards & Soufflés
Frozen Desserts
Techniques & Theory
Butchery & Fabrication
Essentials of Taste / Organoleptic
Knife Skills
Knife Sharpening
Weights & Measurements
Chef History / Brigade System
Food Costing
Methods of Cooking Meat, Poultry & Rabbit
Table Service
Wine Service
History of French Cooking
French Geography
French Culinary Terms
History of Italian Cooking
Italian Geography
Italian Culinary Terms
Menu Construct
Old-World Wine / New-World Wine
Culinary equipment & tools

The Wine Education Program curriculum provides an introduction to the basic aspects of sensory evaluation when drinking wine. Students will study the different components of wine appearance, aroma, and flavor, and will also learn the basics in wine terminology. Students will gain an understanding of the major grapes used for making wine and their discerning characteristics, label information, basic service techniques and some food and wine pairing theories. 

What makes the 18-Week Advanced Program different?
  • You will concentrate more intensively on technique repetition such as butchery and fabrication.
  • Regional menu study will become more in depth as you cover the worlds rich culinary destinations.
  • The addition of Restaurant Week will give you the opportunity to bring real world business and practical application to life. Write a business plan for a pop-up restaurant and prep, prepare and serve a meal with the aid of classmates to the public.
  • Explore the community with hands on field trips to local farms, distilleries and restaurant supply stores.
  • The addition of a beer and spirits lecture and tasting will complement our robust wine curriculum.
  • Receive a one year Student Culinarian membership through the prestigious American Culinary Federation Colorado Chefs Association upon enrollment, the industry’s preeminent professional chefs’ organization.
Student Teacher Ratio
The School currently maintains a maximum of eight students to one instructor in the kitchen for both the 12-week and 18-week, culinary arts programs.
12-Week Tuition
Your all-inclusive tuition of $14,500 features our one-of-a-kind intensive culinary arts program, including pastry and wine training, ACF membership, ServSafe Certification, all text books, knife kit, uniform, and required class materials.
18-Week Tuition
Your all-inclusive tuition of $19,500 features our one-of-a-kind Advanced Culinary Arts Program including pastry and wine training, ACF membership, ServSafe Certification, field trips, all text books, knife kit, uniform and required class materials.
Culinary Arts & Wine Certificate
Upon successful completion of the Programs, graduates receive a Certificate of Culinary Arts & Wine from the school and are expected to possess the knowledge and skills required to start at an entry level position in culinary arts or wine.

Awards & Endorsements
Cook Street School of Culinary Arts is a privately-owned teaching facility in Denver, CO. We are approved and regulated by the State of Colorado Department of Higher Education Division of Private and Occupational Schools and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Our Culinary Arts Programs are endorsed for quality education by the American Culinary Federation Foundation, the industry’s preeminent professional chefs’ organization.

Cook Street is a proud recipient of the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation’s (ACFEF) Quality Program Approval, meeting the ACFEF’s quality education standards.  The school was awarded a Best of Westword award for its recreational programs in 2010.
Associations & Affiliations
The School is affiliated with the following associations, thereby expanding educational and professional opportunities for students and graduates:
American Culinary Federation;
ACF Colorado Chefs Association;
United States Personal Chefs Association;
Colorado Restaurant Association;
Rocky Mountain Institute of Meat;
Slow Food Organization;
International Association of Culinary Professionals;
Chaîne des Rôtisseurs;
United States Personal Chef Association;
Culinary Business Academy;
Denver Independent Network of Restaurants; and
Society of Wine Educators
Italian Food Style Education-Culinary Institute
Gastronomicom I International Culinary Academy

Extension Courses
Meat Fabrication Course:
Sharpen Your Butchery Skills. Are you ready to go whole hog with age-old techniques and modern-day style? Try our Foundations of Meat Fabrication Course and master all facets of meat production under the tutelage of a local master. This course offers not only theory and hands-on education; it also provides continuing education credits. Butcher whole carcasses and learn meat fabrication from knife skills to basic sausage and much more in our course, which was organized by Mark DeNittis, founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute of Meat.

European Culinary Tour:
Participate in the European Culinary Tour optional elective for firsthand experience with some of Europe’s finest chefs. Gain an inside perspective on everything from Parisian bakeries to Italian chocolate factories.
Accomplished Alumni
Today’s Cook Street graduates have achieved success in a variety of culinary positions including:
• Personal Chef & Business Owner of Sweet Enough (Bridget Hart)
• Line Cook at Fruition (Sean “Kona” Bobek)
 • Restaurant Chef/Owner Maddie’s Neighborhood Restaurant (Gayor Geller)
• Sous-chef at Uncle (Todd Somma)
• Line Cook at Frasca Food & Wine (Casey Stoutenburg)
• Sue Santori opened the RAVhouse a gourmet food shop which features artisan cheese, charcuterie, truffles and other products including fresh pasta, stuffed pasta, sauces, crackers, box lunches, and grab-and-go dinners made on site.
*Chef/Owner (Peter Ryan) The Plimoth-a Denver award winning restaurant
Facility: Our Kitchen
Our cutting-edge, 3,000-square-foot kitchen and wine room are located in the heart of Denver’s historic LoDo district and there’s a lot to love. Kick back, relax, and sharpen your skills at our custom-designed, white-maple, butcher block bench. Get cooking with our commercial-grade gas cook tops, professional Combi oven, granite demonstration island, dedicated baking and pastry kitchen, and show stopping wood-fired brick bread oven. It’s sure to be a night to remember, and the perfect setting for your Culinary Arts education.
Founded by a former attorney who was given a new lease on life through the culinary arts and an alumna of Le Cordon Bleu in London, Cook Street School of Culinary Arts embodies the simple pleasure of breaking bread and pursuing your dreams.  Over the years, we’ve assembled some pretty impressive bragging rights, staking our claim as:
  • the first local cooking school with a wood-burning oven
  • the first local school to offer menu-based education
  • the first professional program to offer a Sommelier certificate and culinary trips to France and Italy and as part of the program
  • the first Weber grilling courses in Denver
  • the first local school to pair with magazines like Fine Cooking and Saveur
  • the first Denver cooking school to win the American Culinary Federation Foundation’s Educational Assurance Award

Notable Guests
Over the years, we’ve played host to world-class chefs and companies, including:
  • Kevin Zraly
  • Gourmet Magazine
  • Lidia Bastianch
  • Rose Levy Birnbaum
  • James Peterson
  • Slowfood Denver
  • Chefs 2000
  • ACF
  • IWG
  • Colorado Wine Council
  • Food Channel
  • Starz Channel
  • Saveur Magazine
  • Fine Cooking Magazine
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